Suspend an item

Suspend an item revision to prevent it from being used in further work on an application.

You cannot modify a suspended revision or include it in a baseline or release, but you can create new revisions from it.

PRIVILEGES: Suspend item.

Suspended items are included when you create a revised baseline if they are referenced by requests used to revise the baseline.

To subsequently unsuspend the item revision, you need to action it from SUSPENDED to another lifecycle state. You need the necessary privilege to do this. For details, see Action an item.

To suspend items:

  1. In the My Current Project view or Items view, select one or more item revisions.

  2. Click the More button and select Suspend.

  3. In the Suspend dialog box, verify that you have selected the correct item revisions, and click Yes.

    The Status column in the Items list changes to SUSPENDED.

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