Deliver Items wizard (page 1 of 2)

Use this wizard to add new items to Dimensions CM or to update (revise) existing items with files from your work area.

On the wizard's first page, enter the location of the files to deliver, and to enter other details relating to the deliver.

See Deliver Items wizard (page 2 of 2) for how to select the files you want to deliver from the list created from the options on the first page.

Field Description Rules and guidelines

Deliver Directory

Enter the name of the folder from which to deliver files, or click the Browse button to find it.

By default, the deliver folder is the relative folder beneath the project root folder that corresponds to the folder you selected in the project structure tree.

Project directory structure for item deliver

Enter the name of the project folder or accept the default.

By default, the project folder is based on the deliver folderrelative position to the project root folder.

Items are placed according to the relative positions of the files to the deliver folder.

Owning Design Part

Type, or accept, the name of the design part to own the new item(s) or click the Browse button and use the Selection wizard to find a design part.


Include contents of sub-directories in deliver

Select to include files in subdirectories.


Include items in deliver that do not currently exist in Dimensions.

Select to create new items from the files in your work area.


Include item versions in display list

Select to display the revision IDs of the existing items on the next page of this wizard.


After Item(s) Delivered

Select Leave workfile as read only  or Delete workfile.



Select a branch for new item revisions.


Requests to relate

Enter the name of one or more requests, or click the Browse button to find them.


Revision Description

Enter a description to use for any new item revisions created by the deliver.



Click to move to the second page of the wizard.


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