Select Item wizard (page 2 of 2)

On the second page of the Select Item wizard (page 1 of 2), select from the items that match the criteria you specified earlier.

For some operations, you can select only a single item.

Field Description

Select checkboxes

Select the items.

Project Folder Path

(Display only) The item project file name.


(Display only) The date the revision was created.


(Display only) The status of the item revision.

Modified Date (UTC)

(Display only) The date the item file was modified.

This field is empty the revision is not checked in.

Checked out by

(Display only) The name of the user who has this revision checked out.

Update date

(Display only) The date and time of the last change to this revision, for example, action, checkout, or edit.

To return to the previous page and change the filtering criteria, click Back.

To save your selection, click Finish.

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