Build management

Dimensions CM includes Dimensions Build, a build management tool that enables you to run builds from the Dimensions CM Administration Console, desktop and web clients, or ISPF client.

Build management overview

Dimensions Build can be used by individual developers who are building their code at regular intervals, or build managers who are running controlled builds of source code from many developers.

Dimensions Build supports cross-platform builds on secure remote nodes where the same source code is used for builds on multiple, heterogeneous platforms.

The tool runs on all major Dimensions CM-supported platforms. It is build engine independent and integrates with many third party engines on distributed and mainframe platforms.

For details, see Dimensions Build.

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Key features

  • Completely configurable sets of build stages.

  • Open architecture that integrates with external build engines such as Ant and build management tools such as Jenkins. If you already has a build system based on a standard engine such as Make or Ant, you can reuse it without major rework.

  • Integrated scheduler to control when builds run.

  • Build environment integrated with the Dimensions CM engine to version manage the build environment.

  • Integration with the Dimensions CM role management to control build administration and execution.

  • Audit trail stored within Dimensions CM.

  • A build engine for z/OS offering high performance and parallel build runs. For details, see Dimensions for z/OS.

Dimensions CM also provides integrations for CruiseControl and Ant that may be more suitable for more users of agile development processes.

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