Control and manage builds

Dimensions CM incorporates Dimensions Build, a comprehensive build management tool that provides the following functionality:

  • Allows version control of build configuration information (repeatable builds).

  • Enables building of selected deployment areas, work areas, and baselines.

  • Supports running and scheduling of remote builds.

  • Can gather bills of materials and preserve targets.

Builds can run automatically when the items have reached a particular stage in their lifecycle. You can select different targets to be built for versions of your project intended for different platforms.

Dimensions CM has its own build engine to perform the builds, but you can use third-party build engines, such as OpenMake, Ant, or GNU Make.

Dimensions CM also provides integrations for CruiseControl and Ant which are more suitable for agile customers using streams.

For details about setting up and using Dimensions Build, see the Dimensions Build.

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