Migrate pre-12.x deployment data

You can migrate your existing deployment data from earlier versions of Dimensions CM to Dimensions CM 12.x and later.

For details about migration, see Install Dimensions CM.

View pre-Dimensions CM 12.x deployment history

In versions earlier than Dimensions CM 12.x, deployment history was available in the clients. For example, when you selected history for an item, the deployment view displayed all deployment activities.

This data could also be queried through the PCMS_DEPLOYMENT_HISTORY published view.

Dimensions CM 12.x and later: After upgrading to Dimensions CM 12.x, all deployment data is retained, but the concepts of promotion and deployment are separated.

The Item History dialog box has the Deployment History button that opens the Deployment view in the web client, with the filter set for that object.

The following image demonstrates the Deployment view, where all the entries are pre-Dimensions CM 12.x and their event type is Promotion. History data is available at the stream or project level. There are no Deployment event types.


Note: All pre-Dimensions CM 12.x data is available from the published views, but it can be queried only from the PCMS_PROMOTE_HISTORY view.

After upgrading to Dimensions CM 12.x and migrating deployment data, you cannot browse a deployment area and view its history. Deployment areas display only the new Deployment event type, which is not applicable to pre-Dimensions CM 12.x deployment data:


Note: The new published view PCMS_DEPLOYMENT_DATA does not contain entries for pre-Dimensions CM 12.x deployment data.

When you promote and deploy objects in Dimensions CM 12.x and later, both pre- and post-Dimensions CM 12.x entries, with the Promotion and Deployment event types, are displayed on the History tab at the stream or project level.

If you drill down into a deployment area, only objects deployed in Dimensions CM 12.x, with the Deployment event type, are displayed.

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