Promote baselines

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After you configured a Deployment Automation (DA) instance and prepared Dimensions CM to work with DA, you can promote baselines.

To promote a baseline:

  1. Open your Dimensions CM client:

    Web client In the My Current Project view or Baselines view, select a baseline and click Promote.
    Desktop client In a content window, select a baseline, right-click and select Promote.
  2. Select the next stage in the GSL to which you want to promote the baseline.

  3. Specify deployment options:

    • Run a process that uses a component version to perform an automation task. For Run application process, select CompProcessInstall.

    • Deploy the baseline items to a component version (named after the baseline specification). For Deploy items to the component version, select QL_BLN.

  4. Select to run the application process immediately.

  5. Click Finish.

You can view the baseline's promotion and automation history in the Dimensions CM web client's Automation view. For details, see View automation history.

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