Link version and change management

You combine version management and change management by setting up relationships between requests and item revisions or the baselines containing item revisions.

You can use the following relationships:

Relationship Description
Affected Changes described in the request affect the related revision of the item or baseline.
In Response To The item revision or baseline that was created deals with the related request.
Information The item revision or baseline contains information pertaining to the request, or the request contains information pertaining to the contents of the item revision.

The Change Management (CM) rules control the actions that can be performed on requests and items, and the relationships between them. You set up CM rules in the Administration Console. For details, see Use Change Management rules.

System-defined and user-defined relationship

Relationship types are system-defined or user-defined.

If you are the Product Manager, you can set up user-defined relationship types in the Administration Console.

The system-defined relationship can be:

Relationship Description
Dependent Requests that are dependent on other requests for closure.
Information Requests that point to other requests.

For details about other types of relationships, see Relationships between objects.

For details about relating objects, see the following topics:

Web client: Relate and unrelate objects
Desktop client: Relate and unrelate objects

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