What's New in LoadRunner Cloud 24.2

This topic introduces the new features and improvements in LoadRunner Cloud.

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User experience

This release includes the following enhancements to the user experience:

Area Enhancement
Enhanced test initialization process

The test initialization window was improved to include more details about the status of all planned Vusers in real time. You can now more easily learn the number of Vusers ready to run, failed Vusers, Vusers pending provisioning, and how long ago the last Vuser was provisioned.

For details, see Run a load test.

New language support for Japanese

Japanese is now supported. You can use the navigation menu to select your preferred language for the user interface.

For details, see LoadRunner Cloud banner.

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Data and analytics

This release includes the following data and analytics updates:

Area Enhancement
Extended error analysis capability

Error messages for JMeter scripts now have unique error IDs. This lets you view multiple errors for each script in the LoadRunner Cloud dashboard. In addition, the messages now include an HTTP response code and a JMeter sampler when it's available.

Exported test run information

Additional load generator details were added to the error and IPs CSV log files.

For details, see Run results actions.

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Load testing and modeling

This release includes the following load testing and modeling updates:

Area Enhancement
Enhanced stopping mechanism (beta)

Added the option to gradually stop a test. This lets Vusers finish the current iteration and the tear down before exiting.

For details, see Run the test.

Track runtime setting changes

You can now track runtime setting changes for Web HTTP scripts in the user interface.

  • Changes made to runtime settings associated with a load test (local mode) are displayed on the History page of the associated load test. For details, see Load test navigation pane.

  • Changes made in global mode are displayed on the test assets Scripts page. For details, see View script details.

Test settings

For Tenants configured to use the dedicated VPC capability, the test setting to enable the dedicated VPC option is set to off by default for newly created tests. This settings remains unchanged for existing tests

For details, see Load test with a dedicated VPC.

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Cloud and SaaS

This release includes the following cloud updates:

Area Enhancement
New location for cloud load generators

The Netherlands in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) was added as a new location for cloud load generators.

For a complete list of the distribution locations, see Vuser distribution locations.

Extended dedicated VPC support

The Dedicated VPC add-on now supports AWS VPC PrivateLink. This is in addition to AWS VPC Peering and AWS Direct Connect.

For details, see Connect using AWS PrivateLink.

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Integrations and ecosystem

This release includes the following integrations and ecosystem updates:

Area Enhancement
Docker image

The OneLG Docker image was renamed opentext_onelg_ubuntu.

For details, see Deploy and configure the Docker container from Docker Hub

Public API

New capabilities have been added to the public API that enable you to:

  • Retrieve a list of all locations supported by LoadRunner Cloud for cloud-based load generators.

  • Receive email address of users associated to the tenant in the MyAccount portal.

For details, see Public API.

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This release includes the following modernization updates:

Area Enhancement
User interface modernization

Several areas of the user interface were redesigned with a modern look and feel. This includes the Single user performance page and the Scripts test asset page. The existing functionality has been preserved.

For details, see Generate single user performance data and View script details.

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VuGen, protocols, and LoadRunner Developer

Virtual User Generator (VuGen) includes the following enhancements. For details, see the VuGen What's New.

Area Enhancement
LoadRunner version 24.1

LoadRunner Cloud supports VuGen and OneLG version 24.1.

For details, see Support Matrix.

The VuGen and third-party protocols include the following enhancements. For details, see the VuGen What's New.

Area Enhancement
Java protocols

An enhanced Runtime Settings user interface is in use for the Java protocols.

Web Services protocol

An enhanced Runtime Settings user interface is in use for the Web Services protocol.

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Deprecation notices

This release includes the following deprecation notices:

Area Enhancement

CLI tools

Support for the NodeJS and Java CLI tools is planned for removal in the next version of LoadRunner Cloud.

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