Allocate bandwidth to Vusers

Specify how the bandwidth of the network is allocated when the Vusers run.

Bandwidth options

  • Shared bandwidth. The specified bandwidth is shared between all Vusers in the Vuser group. This is the default option.

    If the Vuser group using the virtual location runs on multiple Load Generators, the specified bandwidth is assigned to each Load Generator. It is not shared between Load Generators.

  • Individual bandwidth. The network's specified bandwidth is available to each Vuser that uses the network. This option is recommended for Vusers that emulate mobile-based users and home-based users because each device has access to the full bandwidth.

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Bandwidth allocation limitations

Some Vuser protocols support only the Shared bandwidth mode of bandwidth allocation: Citrix ICA, Java Record Replay, Java Vuser, COM/DCOM, MAPI.

If you specify Individual bandwidth mode for a protocol that does not support this type of bandwidth allocation, the Shared bandwidth mode will be applied when the Vusers run.

When you import NV profile parameters from a file, if the imported file contains recorded bandwidth data, then the resulting virtual location can use Shared Bandwidth bandwidth allocation only, not Individual Bandwidth.

See Set the network virtualization mode for other limitations of these Vuser protocols.

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Specify the bandwidth allocation for a virtual location

  1. In the LoadRunner Professional Controller or LoadRunner Enterprise, open a virtual location in the Virtual Location Editor. For details, see Add and configure virtual locations.
  2. Display the Runtime settings page.
  3. Under Bandwidth Allocation, click one of the available options, Share bandwidth or Individual bandwidth. See above for definitions of each of these options.
  4. Click Next to display a summary of the virtual location parameters and runtime settings.

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