The Role of the User

As an APM user, your responsibilities could include the following tasks:

  • Helping to build your organization's application portfolio by creating application entities. For instructions, see Creating Application Entities.

  • Building an application portfolio. For instructions, see Guidelines for Building the Application Portfolio.

  • Monitoring the portlets on your PPM Dashboard pages. Portlets display information of value to you as an APM user—such as data about applications that you own, applications in your organization's portfolio, surveys you have been asked to complete, and workstreams to which you are assigned. For information about PPM Dashboard pages and portlets, see Manage PPM Dashboard and portlets.

  • Completing surveys about applications you own or use. For instructions, see Completing Surveys. The analyst uses this data to understand and determine the necessity and value of the applications in your organization's application portfolio.

  • Providing information about application entities when you are requested to do so. For instructions, see Responding to Requests for Application Information.

  • Viewing and editing some or all of the financial summary for an application entity or transformation proposal, if authorized to do so. For more information, see the Financial Management User Guide.

Additionally, if you are designated as a contact for an APM entity, you are able to perform tasks such as viewing or editing data in sections of an entity that are not typically available to an APM user. Contact roles—such as business owner, technical owner, IT contact, budget manager, benefits manager, and subject matter expert (SME)—are assigned in the Contacts section of an application entity. Other contact roles are assigned in the Summary, details, or Staffing sections of many of the entities. The respondent role is assigned when a user is requested to provide additional information for an entity.

Note: You might already be able to view or edit data in an entity if, for example, you created the entity.

Alternatively, a user might not be an active user of APM. This type of user could be set up for informational purposes only or to fulfill a certain role for an application or other entity, such as the role of Business Owner or ITO Contact.

For information about the contact roles that can be assigned in APM entities, see Contacts for information about the tasks you might be able to perform. If you are an application owner or survey respondent, see Responding to Surveys and Information Requests, for descriptions of tasks you might be asked to perform. For descriptions of other roles that can be assigned to a user, see the Application Portfolio Management Analyst's Guide and the Application Portfolio Management Administrator's Guide.