Introducing ValueEdge Strategy

OpenTextValueEdge Strategy is a strategic portfolio management platform, that enables you to manage corporate strategies and connect strategies with actionable Agile initiatives.

Note: For an introduction to ValueEdge, see the ValueEdge Help Center and ValueEdge Platform.

ValueEdge Strategy overview

ValueEdge Strategy aligns corporate strategy with Agile execution, by translating strategic plans into actionable initiatives, delivering value to end customers and competitive advantage to business. Define business objectives and key results, create and compare What-if scenarios, build a roadmap of initiatives, communicate plans and reveal dependencies, and gain line of sight into strategic progress across the organization.

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Get started

Before you begin...

Watch Value Stream Management overview to get a high-level view of Value Stream Management.

New to ValueEdge Strategy?

Read about the Portfolio management lifecycle to get an overall idea of how to use Portfolio & Strategy to translate your corporate strategy into actionable initiatives.

Let's go!

To begin, define strategic themes that support your corporate strategy. For details, see Manage corporate strategy. You then create portfolios to align corporate strategy with Agile execution. For details, see Create and configure your portfolio.

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