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This topic includes descriptions of new features available in recent ValueEdge Strategy updates.

ValueEdge Strategy 2023

The following new features are available in the build:

Area Enhancement
Revamped portfolio Strategy tab

The following two subtabs are added to the portfolio Strategy tab:

  • Strategic Themes & Business Goals. Lists all the strategic themes and business goals included in a portfolio. Business goals are grouped by the strategic themes with which the business goals are aligned.

  • Strategy Map. Shows a portfolio's strategic alignment with global strategic themes, its parent portfolio, and sub portfolios.

For details, see Capture strategic alignment.

Strategic alignment information available in strategic theme and business goal details

You can now view strategic alignment information from strategic theme and business goal details pages:

  • Open a strategic theme, and you can view business goals and initiatives that are aligned with the strategic theme.
  • Open a business goal, and you can view the initiatives with impact values on the KPI related to the business goal.

For details, see View strategic themes and Track business goal performance.

New field value sync between ValueEdge Strategy and ValueEdge Agile

The Portfolio field is now available in portfolio epics. Its value is synced to the Product field in the mapped ValueEdge Agile epic.

For details, see Value sync.

View portfolio epic details in tabs

Portfolio epic details are now displayed in tabs, instead of sections within a page. This avoids scrolling up and down a long page.

For details, see Portfolio epics.

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ValueEdge Strategy 2022.09

The following new features are available in the build:

Area Enhancement
Corporate Strategy

Define sets of strategic themes to support your corporate strategy. Strategic themes connect the corporate strategy to the portfolio vision which is then inherited by the portfolio initiatives. For details, see Manage corporate strategy.

Portfolio Management

Create portfolios to include Agile initiatives, align the initiatives with strategic themes, and review the initiatives periodically to decide what to invest. For details, see Portfolio management.

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