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This topic includes descriptions of new features available in recent ValueEdge Strategy updates.

ValueEdge Strategy 24.3

The following new features are available in the build:

Add predecessors and successors to a portfolio epic

The portfolio epic page now has two new tabs for managing dependencies:

  • Predecessors: Add portfolio epics that must be completed before the current one can start.
  • Successors: Add portfolio epics that can only start after the current one is completed.

For details, see Add dependencies to portfolio epics.

Japanese language support

This build adds support for the Japanese language.

Note: To use the Japanese locale, make sure you set Japanese as the default language in your browser.

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ValueEdge Strategy 24.2

The following new feature is available in the build:

Dependency management in portfolio planning

The portfolio dependency management includes the following enhancements to help portfolio managers identify dependencies and solve constraints.

  • Provides visibility into predecessor-successor dependencies on the Dependency map.
  • Warns of dependency violations during scenario planning. This ensures prompt constraint resolution, effective dependency management, and alignment with portfolio plans.

For details, see View dependencies and View portfolio dependencies.

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ValueEdge Strategy 24.1

The following new features are available in the build:

Backlog Board view enhancements

The Backlog tab's Board view is enhanced:

  • You can hide empty columns and swim lanes for a clearer data view.
  • Column totals are now displayed at the top of the board.

For details, see Board view.

Backlog Roadmap view enhancements

The Backlog tab's Roadmap view now enables you to:

  • Configure the color for the Gantt chart bars to suit your preferences.
  • Configure which portfolio epic information is displayed as tooltip.

  • Export Roadmap view as an image.

For details, see Set Backlog Roadmap View Default Layout and Export Roadmap view as an image.

Share portfolio layout settings

You can now share your personal layout settings on the Backlog and Financials tabs, making sure all stakeholders view the same portfolio with a consistent set of layout preferences.

For details, see Share portfolio layout settings.

Export portfolio portlets to PowerPoint

You can now export the portfolio portlets to PowerPoint for data sharing and analysis.

For details, see Export portfolio portlets.

What-if template enhancements

What-if templates now provide enhanced flexibility for what-if analysis:

  • A new widget type: Indicator Chart is added, enabling you to display the aggregated value of a numeric field.
  • You can now add custom fields to the Ranking View component.

For details, see Define what-if layout templates.

Share a scenario

You can now share your what-if scenario with others for collaboration.

For details, see Share a scenario.

Sync features from ValueEdge Agile to ValueEdge Strategy

Features added to a portfolio epic in Agile Delivery are now synced to ValueEdge Strategy, and are listed on the Features tab of the portfolio epic.

For details, see Portfolio epics.

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ValueEdge Strategy 23.4

The following new features are available in the build:

Area Enhancement

Compare scenarios

You can compare two or three scenarios to assess the impact of different investment plans and determine an optimal scenario.

For details, see Compare scenarios.

Save a scenario copy

You can save a copy of a scenario, including its contents, scheduling, and capacity planning, by either taking a snapshot or exporting the scenario.

For details, see Save and share a scenario.

View portfolio and scenario content dependencies

For efficient portfolio content prioritization and scheduling, you can now:

  • View content dependencies in a portfolio.
  • View and add content dependencies in a scenario.

For details, see View portfolio dependencies and View dependencies.

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ValueEdge Strategy 23.3

The following new features are available in the build:

Area Enhancement

Portfolio and value stream financial management

This build introduces portfolio and value stream financial management. This feature equips you with the tools to manage your portfolio's financials, and provides insights into costs, benefits, and budgets, allowing for in-depth analysis and informed decision-making.

For details, see Portfolio and epic financials.

What-if Analysis

What-if Analysis is a simulation tool to explore various investment plans and schedule alternatives based on changing conditions. It helps portfolio mangers better decide what to invest for the coming fiscal period so as to maximize the organization's business value.

For details, see What-if Analysis.

View Strategy license usage

As a member of the SPM Admin user group, you can now view Strategy license usage from the License tab in the Portfolio & Strategy Settings.

For details, see View license usage.

View global menu configuration report

As a member of the SPM Admin group, you can now use the Update global menu configuration report to troubleshoot ValueEdge modules navigating issues.

For details, see View global menu configuration report.

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ValueEdge Strategy 2023

The following new features are available in the build:

Area Enhancement
Revamped portfolio Strategy tab

The following two subtabs are added to the portfolio Strategy tab:

  • Strategic Themes & Business Goals. Lists all the strategic themes and business goals included in a portfolio. Business goals are grouped by the strategic themes with which the business goals are aligned.

  • Strategy Map. Shows a portfolio's strategic alignment with global strategic themes, its parent portfolio, and sub portfolios.

For details, see From Strategy Map.

Strategic alignment information available in strategic theme and business goal details

You can now view strategic alignment information from strategic theme and business goal details pages:

  • Open a strategic theme, and you can view business goals and initiatives that are aligned with the strategic theme.
  • Open a business goal, and you can view the initiatives with impact values on the KPI related to the business goal.

For details, see View strategic themes and Track business goal performance.

New field value sync between ValueEdge Strategy and ValueEdge Agile

The Portfolio field is now available in portfolio epics. Its value is synced to the Product field in the mapped ValueEdge Agile epic.

For details, see Portfolio epics.

View portfolio epic details in tabs

Portfolio epic details are now displayed in tabs, instead of sections within a page. This avoids scrolling up and down a long page.

For details, see Portfolio epics.

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ValueEdge Strategy 2022.09

The following new features are available in the build:

Area Enhancement
Corporate Strategy

Define sets of strategic themes to support your corporate strategy. Strategic themes connect the corporate strategy to the portfolio vision which is then inherited by the portfolio initiatives. For details, see Manage corporate strategy.

Portfolio Management

Create portfolios to include Agile initiatives, align the initiatives with strategic themes, and review the initiatives periodically to decide what to invest. For details, see Portfolio management.

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