Portfolio epics

This topic describes how to add portfolio epics to your portfolio.

Portfolio epics overview

Epics are containers that capture and manage Agile initiatives. Portfolio epics are the Agile practices at the enterprise level. Portfolio epics represent the investments in your organization. A portfolio epic can be a single product, or focus on one area of a product.

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Create portfolio epics

You can create portfolio epics in either of the following ways:

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Portfolio epic value sync

When epics are mapped between ValueEdge Strategy and ValueEdge Agile, the value changes are synced regularly.

The following table lists which field values are synced and how they are synced.

ValueEdge Strategy epic field ValueEdge Agile epic field How the values are synced
Epic Level Epic level The value of the ValueEdge Strategy field overrides the value of the mapped ValueEdge Agile field.
Perceived Value Perceived value
Portfolio Product

The value is synced from the ValueEdge Strategy field to the mapped ValueEdge Strategy field.

Note: If you create a new or edit an existing portfolio, and then add a portfolio epic to this portfolio within a very short time (less than 15 minutes), the epic's Portfolio field value is synced as blank to ValueEdge Agile. To solve this problem, re-save the portfolio epic at a later time (at least 15 minutes later).

Implementation Phase Implementation phase The value of the ValueEdge Agile field overrides the value of the mapped ValueEdge Strategy field.
Implementation Progress


Note: Available for epics only.

Actual Story Points Actual story points
Epic Name Name The value of the field whose last update date is later overrides the value of the other field.
Epic Type Epic type
Epic Owner Owner
Epic Description Description
Forecast Story Points Story points

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View a portfolio epic's features

When Agile teams add features to a portfolio epic in ValueEdge Agile, the features are synced to ValueEdge Strategy and listed on the epic's Features tab.

To view a portfolio epic's features:

  1. Open the target portfolio epic.
  2. Click the Features tab.

    Click the ID link of a specific feature to view its details.

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