IScanner Interface Members
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The following tables list the members exposed by IScanner.

Public Properties
PropertyAutExecutionTypeCompatibilityThe type of application this scanner is compatible with.  
PropertyDescriptionA short description of the scanner.  
PropertyIconThe scanner's icon.  
PropertyIDThe scanner ID.  
PropertyRequieredControlsRunTimeExtendedPropertiesRequiered run time properties for the controls the scanner will work on.  
PropertySettingsRun-time settings key-value collection.  
PropertySettingsViewSettings UI control.  
PropertyVisualNameThe scanner's display name. The name can be localized.  
Public Methods
MethodAbortScanHalts the scan run.  
MethodGetAggregatedResultReturns an aggregation of the input results.  
MethodGetCustomActionsReturns the custom actions that apply to the result.  
MethodResetSettingsDeletes user settings. After ResetSettings returns, the values returned by Settings are used.  
MethodScanProcesses the data passed from Sprinter.  
Public Events
EventScanResultFoundThe scanner fires this event when a result is found in the scanned data.