Sharing data

Service Virtualization helps you to share data and collaborate with others.

Feature Description More Information
Store resources in ALM Store your Service Virtualization projects as test resources in ALM. This can facilitate the use of the virtual services by other users, or by testing tools.

ALM integration

Collaborate using SVN Manage the version control of your virtualization projects from within the Service Virtualization Designer.

Subversion (SVN) version control support

Share virtual services

Consume virtual services that are stored in a network location, such as an ALM repository.

Service Virtualization Management enables you to manage services from multiple Service Virtualization projects and servers in one location, without opening the projects.

Service Virtualization Management

Duplicate virtual services After creating a service, you can save it as a virtual service template in order to reuse the service in multiple testing environments, or reuse the service's configuration, custom functions, data, and views.

Create a Virtual Service

Import sample messages Import existing messages from a file.

Import Request/Response Message Dialog Box

Import logged messages Import logged messages into the Data Model. Save and share logged messages with others.

Message Logging

Import/export agents Export an agent configuration to share, or import an agent configuration file to create a new agent configuration.

Configure agents

Export data

Work with an external data file. Import and export data from the Data Model.

Work With External Data Sources

Import/Export Data Dialog Box

Export row data Export messages from one or more rows from a rule in the Data Model to text files.

Export Rows Dialog Box

Export projects and services Save your virtualization project as an archive file in the file system.

Manage Virtualization Projects

Manage virtual services from the command line