Virtualize SAP RFC Communication

This task explains how to virtualize RFC services running on a webMethods Integration Server.

1. Configure the webMethods SAP agent Configure the webMethods SAP agent

2. Create a new virtual service

  1. Run the New Virtual Service wizard. For details, see Create a Virtual Service.
  2. You will need some information from the webMethods Integration Server, including:

    • full name of the flow service and its steps
    • name of the RFC function you need to call

    The virtual service can contain multiple endpoints (steps) from one flow service.

    For details, see Service Properties Page.

3. Create a new operation Create a new operation to call the relevant RFC function from the webMethods Integration Server. For details, see Service Description Editor.
4. Record real service behavior
  1. Put the virtual service into Learning mode.
  2. On the webMethods Integration Server, run the desired communication through the flow service.
  3. Stop Learning mode.

For details, see Virtual Service Editor.

5. Simulate Run simulations