What's New

Check out the new features and improvements in TruClient 2020 and 2020 service pack 1 (SP1).

What's New in TruClient  2020 SP1

Windows 10 support

This release supports Windows 10 November 2019 Update (version 1909).

See System requirements.

Asynchronous JavaScript API support

We've added support for asynchronous JavaScript APIs (synchronous JavaScript APIs will be deprecated in the future).

See Asynchronous functions and Use asynchronous APIs in JavaScript code.

VTS server port forwarding

The VTS server now supports port forwarding that redirects communication requests from one port to another.

See Enable port forwarding.

TruClient Native Mobile enhancements

The TruClient Native Mobile protocol now supports connecting to the UFT Mobile server using Oauth2 authentication.

See TruClient General settings for UFT Mobile in the UFT Mobile Help Center.

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What's New in TruClient 2020

What's new video

Watch the What's New in LoadRunner Professional 2020 video to see the new features in TruClient:

Browser version support

We've added support and made improvements as follows:

  • Upgraded the TruClient Browser, making it equivalent to Mozilla 65.0.3.

  • Added support for Chromium 76, providing improved scalability.

See Differences between supported browsers.

TruClient Native Mobile enhancements

The enhanced TruClient Native Mobile protocol now includes support for hosted cloud devices. This enables running a script with a real device hosted privately in the UFT Mobile hosted devices cloud lab. Hosted devices are supported in load mode only.

See Hosted cloud devices in the UFT Mobile Help Center.

TruClient search bar

We've made usability enhancements by embedding a new search bar in the TruClient Development window.

  • Enables you to conduct a more precise and faster search, without needing to navigate through long scripts.

  • Extends the search to include steps, functions, and transactions, and scope to include current view or whole script (Actions, Run Logic, and Function Libraries tabs).

  • Supported in TruClient model and scripting modes (enables searching in coded actions and functions).

  • Highlights the matching parts of the results, making it quicker and easier to find content, particularly in large scripts.

  • Enables interacting with the script while the search is open, for example, to edit arguments.

See Search bar.

TruClient Steps box

The toolbox was redesigned and all the functionality was moved to the Steps box (available from Step in the menu toolbar). Also added the ability to create a list of your favorite steps.

See Steps box.

Windows 10 support

This release includes improved support for using proxy settings with the TruClient for IE browser on Windows 10.

See TruClient for IE browser.

Performance metrics

We've extended and improved the support for performance metrics:

  • Added support in Chromium and TruClient Browser for displaying information about client-side page parsing, as well as JavaScript execution time for DOMContentLoaded, DOM Interactive, and Page Load events.

    See Performance metrics.

  • We've made throughput improvements for chunked and compressed responses on IE and Chromium browsers.

    Note: This improvement could impact SLA and transaction measurements. As a result, you might need to adjust test results, but changes to the application are not required.

User interface improvements

We've modernized the design of the main components in the TruClient Development window.

See TruClient user interface.


We've added the TC.vtcConnectEx VTS API function to support HTTPS version VTS server, basic authentication (based on user name and password entered by the user), and NTLM authentication.

See vtcConnectEx.

See also: