Windows-Based Application Support

UFT One provides a number of add-ins for testing Windows-based applications.

The way you configure many of your UFT One options is the same or similar for most UFT One Windows-based add-ins (as well as for the built-in standard Windows testing support).

Many UFT One add-ins rely on the settings in the Windows Applications Tab (Record and Run Settings Dialog Box) to determine on which applications UFT One records and runs. For some add-ins, these settings may also affect the applications that UFT One recognizes for certain operations while in edit mode, such as using the Object Spy or other pointing hand operations.

In addition, use predefined environment variables to specify the applications you want to use for your test. This is useful if you want to test how your application works in different environments.

There may also be additional issues that you need to address to ensure that UFT One recognizes your objects properly during record, run, and/or pointing hand operations. For details, see Record and run settings for Windows-based add-ins.

For details about standard Windows testing support, see the section on Standard Windows Testing.

For details on how to work with Windows-based add-ins, see the specific sections describing these add-ins in the guide: