Flex Add-in

Following the retirement of the Adobe Flash Player, UFT One no longer supports the Flex Add-in by default.

If you require the Flex Add-in, contact OpenText Support.

Use the UFT One Flex Add-in to test Flex user-interface objects (controls).

General Information

Supported Environments

Tested applications must be built with Flex SDK versions that are supported by the UFT One Flex Add-in.

For details on supported Flex SDK versions, see the Flex section of the UFT One Support Matrix.

Important Information

Test Object Methods and Properties

The Flex Add-in provides Flex test objects, methods, and properties that can be used when testing Flex objects in Flex applications. For details, see the Flex section of the UFT One Object Model Reference for GUI Testing.

Known issues Known Issues - Flex Add-in


Opening Your Application

You can open your Flex application before or after opening UFT One.

Add-in Dependencies

  • Different versions of the Flex SDK require different versions of Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Flash Player Debugger, or Adobe Air.

    The Flex Add-in requires the versions of Adobe Flash Player / Debugger or Adobe Air that are required by the version of the Flex SDK used to build the application being tested. For more details, see the Adobe Flex SDK or Apache Flex SDK documentation.

  • For Flex applications that you recompile with UFT One's pre-compiled agent:

    If the Flex applications were compiled using Adobe Flex SDK versions 4.5.x or 4.6.x, verify that you have licensed versions of the relevant Adobe Automation libraries before running full UFT OneGUI tests and components.

    If you do not have licensed versions of the libraries, consider upgrading to Apache Flex SDK version 4.9.x or 4.12.x.

  • UFT One interacts with the Flex application it is testing using a local TCP socket object, selecting an available communication port in the range 24654 - 24663.

    Make sure that at least one of these ports is available on the UFT computer. If no ports in this range are available, the add-in fails to load properly.

    On a Windows server, multiple users can run multiple instances of UFT. To test Flex applications, you must have one port in this range available for each UFT instance.


Record and Run Settings

Use the Flex tab.
(Record > Record and Run Settings)

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