Export run results

This task describes how to export run results to a file. For details on what is included when you export run results, see Export Run Results Dialog Box (Run Results Viewer).

  1. Open the results in the Run Results Viewer

    In the Run Results Viewer, select File > Open. For details, see Open Run Results Dialog Box.

  2. Specify the export settings

    Select File > Export To File. The Export Run Results dialog box opens. For details on the various settings, see Export Run Results Dialog Box (Run Results Viewer).

  3. Save the file

    Click Export. The Save As dialog box opens. Specify the file name and path, and select the required file type.

    Report type

    Save as type

    Step details

    • HTML (*.htm, *.html) (default)

    • PDF (*.pdf)

    • DOC (*.doc) (Available if Microsoft Word is installed)

    Data Table

    Excel (*.xls)

    Log Tracking
    (UFT One GUI Testing only)

    XML (*.xml)

    Screen Recorder
    (UFT One GUI Testing only)

    FlashBack (*.fbr)

    System Monitor
    (UFT One GUI Testing only)

    • Text (*.csv, *.txt) (default)

    • Excel (*.xls)

    • XML (*.xml)

    • HTML (*.htm, *.html)

    Note: Only the system monitor data is exported, not the graph.

  4. Results

    When you click Save, the file is exported in the specified format to the designated location.

    Note: You can view .fbr files in the Micro Recorder application (as described in Screen Recorder Pane (Run Results Viewer) (UFT One GUI Testing Only)). You can also attach .fbr files to defects in ALM. If you have the UFT One Add-in for ALM installed, you can view the movies from ALM.