Export Run Results Dialog Box (Run Results Viewer)

This dialog box enables you to export run results to a file so that you can view them even if the Run Results Viewer is unavailable. For example, you can send the file containing the run results in an e-mail to a third-party who does not have the Run Results Viewer installed.

To access

Select File > Export to File.

Important information
  • The export time varies according to the size of the results file and the file type you select. When selecting the file type, consider the length of time it will take to generate different document types, especially for a report with many images. .Html files generate the fastest, followed by .pdf and .doc When exporting a report with 100 or more images to a .doc file, a dialog box is displayed reminding you that it may take a long time to generate the file. The dialog box gives you the option to continue exporting with images, continue exporting without images, or to export to .pdf.

  • Screen capture images are not exported for steps on Web-based applications. When you export run results containing steps on a Web application, any screen capture images for those steps are not exported to the file. This is because for Web-based applications, the Run Results Viewer displays the .html corresponding to the relevant Web page (with downloaded images) rather than a captured image and thus no image is saved with the report.

  • Exporting to a .doc file. Requires that a supported version of Microsoft Word be installed on the Run Results Viewer computer. For details, see the UFT One Support Matrix.

Relevant tasks

Export run results

See also

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User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


Report type

The type of report you want to export, for example, Step Details or System Monitor.

Export range

Relevant only for Step Details report type.

  • All nodes. Exports the results for the entire test or component.

  • Selected node. Exports run result information for the selected branch in the run results tree.

Export format

Relevant only for Step Details report type.

  • Short. Exports a summary line (when available) for each item in the run results tree. The short report does not include still images associated with the steps in your run results. This option is only available if you selected All nodes in Export range.

  • Detailed. Exports all available information for each item in the run results tree, or for the selected branch, according to your Export range selection. The detailed report includes still images associated with the steps in your run results. (In the Run Results Viewer, these images are displayed in the Captured Data pane.) If a bitmap checkpoint step displays expected, actual, and difference bitmaps, these are also included in the printed report.

  • User-defined XSL. Enables you to browse to and select a customized .xsl file. You can create a customized .xsl file that specifies the information to be included in the exported report, and the way it should appear.

    If you decide to modify one of the existing .xsl files provided with the Run Results Viewer, and you copy that file to a different folder, make sure to copy over all of the .xsl files that are listed in that .xsl file's "include" calls, as well as the .css files. For details, see Run results XML file.