Additional Settings Pane (Application Area)

Relevant for: GUI components only

This pane enables you to define settings that affect all of the components associated with this application area.

Note: The Business Components Settings dialog box is very similar to this pane, but displays most of the settings in read-only mode.

To access

In the application area sidebar, click Additional Settings.

Important information

This pane may also contain additional panes corresponding to any UFT One add-ins that are loaded, for example, Web, or Java. For details on nodes related to add-ins, see the Add-ins section of the UFT One Help Center.

The Additional Settings pane contains a number of sub-panes that enable you to define the following settings:


Enables you to define:


The Windows-based applications with which a component associated with your application area can work.


Recovery scenarios that specify how a component associated with the application area recovers from unexpected events and errors during a run session.

Log Tracking

Run-time preferences for tracking log messages generated by the log framework that monitors events occurring in your application.

Local System Monitors

Preferences for tracking system counters during a run session.