Debug Panes

Relevant for: GUI actions, scripted GUI components, function libraries and user code files

After creating a test, component, function library, or user code file, you can check to see if they run properly. Using the debug panes, you can then debug your tests, components, function libraries, or user code files using UFT One's debugging capabilities.

The debug panes are the primary interface for viewing information about your application during run sessions, as well as addressing any errors in the run session.

The debug panes include:


For GUI testing: (Relevant only if Microsoft PDM 9.x or later is installed on your computer.) If you add Action automation objects to the Watch pane, and then close and re-open your test without closing and re-opening UFT One, these actions may not load successfully in the re-opened test.

If this occurs, restart UFT One and open your test.

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