Recovery Operation - Function Call Screen

Relevant for: GUI tests and components

This page enables you to select a function to call in the recovery operation.

Wizard map

The Recovery Scenario Wizard contains:

Welcome > Select Trigger Event Page > (Specify Pop-up Window Conditions Page) > (Select Object Page) > (Set Object Properties and Values Page) > (Select Test Run Error Page) > (Select Processes Page) > Recovery Operations Page > Recovery Operation Page > (Recovery Operation - Click Button or Press Key Page) > (Recovery Operation - Close Processes Page) > (Recovery Operation - Function Call Page) > Post-Recovery Test Run Options Page > Name and Description Page > Completing the Recovery Scenario Wizard Page

Note: Pages that are in parentheses open according to the option selected in the previous page. Therefore, not all pages are displayed for every option.

Important information
  • If more than one scenario uses a function with the same name from different function libraries, the recovery process may fail. In this case, information regarding the recovery failure is displayed during the run session.
  • For tests: UFT One automatically associates the function library you select with your test. Therefore, you do not need to associate the function library with your test in the Resources pane of the Test Settings dialog box.
  • For components: The function library must be stored in the ALM project.
  • For tests: When you select a function containing one of the following methods in recovery operations, the recovery steps after the method and the Post-Recovery operation you set are skipped:

    • ExitAction
    • ExitTestIteration
    • ExitTest