Name and Description Page

Relevant for: GUI tests and components

This page enables you to specify a name by which to identify your recovery scenario. You can also add descriptive information regarding the scenario.

Wizard map

The Recovery Scenario Wizard contains:

Welcome > Select Trigger Event Page > (Specify Pop-up Window Conditions Page) > (Select Object Page) > (Set Object Properties and Values Page) > (Select Test Run Error Page) > (Select Processes Page) > Recovery Operations Page > Recovery Operation Page > (Recovery Operation - Click Button or Press Key Page) > (Recovery Operation - Close Processes Page) > (Recovery Operation - Function Call Screen) > Post-Recovery Test Run Options Page > Name and Description Page > Completing the Recovery Scenario Wizard Page

Note: Pages that are in parentheses open according to the option selected in the previous page. Therefore, not all pages are displayed for every option.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


Recovery file

The name of the recovery file.

Scenario name

The name of the scenario operation.


The textual description of the scenario operation.