Specify Pop-up Window Conditions Page

Relevant for: GUI tests and components

This page enables you to specify how the pop-up window should be identified.

Wizard map

The Recovery Scenario Wizard contains:

Welcome > Select Trigger Event Page > (Specify Pop-up Window Conditions Page) > (Select Object Page) > (Set Object Properties and Values Page) > (Select Test Run Error Page) > (Select Processes Page) > Recovery Operations Page > Recovery Operation Page > (Recovery Operation - Click Button or Press Key Page) > (Recovery Operation - Close Processes Page) > (Recovery Operation - Function Call Screen) > Post-Recovery Test Run Options Page > Name and Description Page > Completing the Recovery Scenario Wizard Page

Note: Pages that are in parentheses open according to the option selected in the previous page. Therefore, not all pages are displayed for every option.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


Pointing hand. Instructs UFT One to identify only pop-up windows that match the object property values of the window you select. For details on using the pointing hand, see Tips for using the pointing hand.

Window title

Instructs UFT One to identify any pop-up window that contains the relevant title.

Window text

Instructs UFT One to identify any pop-up window that contains the relevant text.

Regular expression

Enables you to use regular expressions to identify the pop-up window. For details on regular expressions, see Regular expressions.

Note: You can click the right arrow to display a list of regular expression characters that you can select, and to open the Regular Expression Evaluator, which enables you to test your regular expression. For details, see Smart Regular Expression List and Regular Expression Evaluator.