New/Change Excel Data Source Dialog Box

Relevant for: API testing only

This dialog box enables you to add a new Excel data source to the Data pane or change the underlying file for existing Excel data sources.

To access

Before you open the dialog boxes, make sure that an API test or component is in focus in the document pane.

To open the New Excel Data Source dialog box:

  1. Select View > Data
  2. Click on the New Data Source down arrow and select Excel.

To open the Change Excel Data Source dialog box:

  1. Select the main node of an existing Excel data source.
  2. In the Properties pane, click Change Excel File.
Important Information

When entering values into the Excel sheet, you should use the Excel General format for values.

Relevant tasks

Add an Excel data source

See also

Data Link/Relation Message Box

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element


Data source name

A name for the data source as it will appear in the Data pane. If no value is specified, it uses the file name.

Note: This field is read-only in the Change Excel Data Source dialog box.

Excel file path

The complete path of an Excel file located in one of the following:

  • On the file system (Note: use an absolute path)
  • In ALM

Use the Browse button to locate the file.

Excel file contains header row

Indicates whether the data in the Excel table contains a header row. Header rows are ignored when running the test.

File location

The location for storing the imported Excel data:

  • Link to the Excel file in its original location. If the data changes at its source, it affects your test. In addition, if you modify the data in your test, it affects the data at its source.
  • Make a copy of the Excel file. Copies the Excel file locally. If the data changes at its source, it does not affect your test. In addition, the data is portable together with the test.
Allow other tools to override the data

Enables you to overwrite data from the imported Excel file with values from other tools, such as an ALM Data Resource and GUI or API tests.

For details about ALM data resources, see Test parameterization and configurations.

Tip: If you did not enable this option when you imported the Excel file, you can enable it separately for each data source in the Properties pane. For details, see Data Source Properties Tab (Properties Pane - API Testing).