LaunchAsUser Method

Supported in UFT One version 2023 and later.


Opens the UFT One application as the specified Windows user.


Visual Basic
Public Sub LaunchAsUser( _
   ByVal Username As String, _
   ByVal Encoded Password As String, _
   ByVal OpenTemporaryTest As Boolean = False _



The username used to open the UFT One application.

If you need to provide the user's domain as well, use this format: <user name>@<domain name>

Encoded Password

The encoded password used to open the UFT One application.

Use the Password Encoder tool installed with UFT One to encode the password.


Indicates whether to create a temporary test when you open UFT One application. Default=False.


  • Before launching UFT One for the first time in a script, you must create an application object using one of the following syntax options:

    Dim app as QuickTest.Application
    Set app = new QuickTest.Application


    Set app = CreateObject("QuickTest.Application")

    For more information, see Application object.

  • Most automation statements can be performed only after the LaunchAsUser method has been performed. Before launching the application, you can check whether UFT One is already open (Application.Launched).


See Also

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