Application Object


You can create only one instance of this object.  Use the QuickTest.Application object to return other types of objects and to perform UFT One application level operations such as loading add-ins, creating or opening tests, and launching or closing the UFT One application.

Object Model


  • When designing and running UFT One automation scripts in a tool that supports the loading of type libraries for editing and running scripts, you can use the new operator to load the UFT One type library before creating the QuickTest.Application object.


    Dim app as Application
    Set app = new Application

    or, if other type libraries are loaded in your tool, specify the UFT One type library as follows:

    Dim app as QuickTest.Application
    Set app = new QuickTest.Application

  • When designing or running UFT One automation scripts in a tool that does not support the loading of type libraries, use the CreateObject() function to create the QuickTest.Application object.


    Set app = CreateObject("QuickTest.Application")

  • In a UFT One test run, do not watch or evaluate a QuickTest.Application object. UFT One's attempt to watch itself may cause unexpected behavior.


Open UFT One and Connect to ALM  | Start UFT One and Open a Test with Associated Add-ins Loaded  | Start UFT One and Open a New Test

Public Methods

Public Method ActivateViewThis value can be set only before UFT One is started (before the Application.Launch statement).
Public Method CurrentLicenseTypeThe type of license (unified or non-unified) that is currently in use.
Public Method GetAssociatedAddinsForBC

Retrieves the list of Add-ins associated with a Business Component.

Public Method GetAssociatedAddinsForBPT

Retrieves the list of Add-ins associated with a Business Process Test.

Public Method GetAssociatedAddinsForTest

Retrieves the list of Add-ins associated with a test.

Public Method GetConsumedLicensesReturns the list of licenses consumed by UFT One application.
Public Method GetStatusThe current status of the UFT One application.
Public Method Launch

Opens the UFT One application as the logged-in Windows user.

Public Method LaunchAsUser

(UFT One version 2023 and later)

Opens the UFT One application as the specified Windows user.

Public Method NewCreates a new test.

Public Method NewAppArea

(UFT One version 2022 and later)

Creates a new application area.
Public Method NewBusinessComponentCreates a new business component.
Public Method OpenOpens an existing test.

Public Method OpenAppArea

(UFT One version 2022 and later)

Opens an existing application area.
Public Method OpenBusinessComponentOpens an existing business component.
Public Method OpenBusinessComponentFromBaselineOpens an existing business component from the specified ALM baseline.
Public Method OpenTestFromBaselineOpens an existing test from the specified ALM baseline.
Public Method QuitCloses UFT One.
Public Method SetActiveAddins

Specify the Add-ins to load in UFT One.

Public Method ShowPaneScreenThis method takes effect only when Application.Visible=True.
Public Method UseLicenseOfTypeUses a license of the specified license type (unified or non-unified) if it is available.

Public Properties

Public Property AddinsReturns the Addins collection-- a collection of Addin objects.
Public Property BusinessComponentReturns a Test object representing the currently open business component.
Public Property CurrentDocumentTypeIndicates the type of the currently open document (test or business component).
Public Property FoldersReturns the Folders collection object--a collection of folder paths used to resolve relative paths.
Public Property LaunchedIndicates whether UFT One is currently open.
Public Property OptionsReturns an Options object, which enables you to set options that apply to all tests and business components.
Public Property TDConnectionReturns the TDConnection object, which manages the connection to ALM.
Public Property TestReturns a Test object, which represents the currently open test.
Public Property UIThis property is obsolete and should be removed from automation scripts.
Public Property VersionThe current version of the open UFT One application.
Public Property VisibleThis value can be set before or after UFT One is started (before or after the Application.Launch statement). Default=False.
Public Property WindowStateThe state of the UFT One main window.