RunOptions Object
Represents options in the General > Run Sessions pane, the GUI Testing > Test Runs pane, and the GUI Testing > Screen Capture pane of the Options dialog box, which enable you to set Run options for all tests and business components.
Object Model
RunOptions ObjectAutoExportReportConfigOptions ObjectScreenRecorderOptions Object
Tip: You can click the Generate Script button in the General pane of the GUI Testing tab in the Options dialog box to automatically generate an automation script containing the current global testing options, including those represented by the RunOptions object.
Public Properties
Public Property AllowOtherHpProductsRunAllows other products to run tests and components on this computer.
Public Property AutoExportReportConfigReturns the AutoExportReportConfigOptions object, which enables you to define what to automatically export from the run results after a run session.
Public Property EnableRdpEnables UFT One to continue running on a remote computer when a RDP session is disconnected from the remote computer.
Public Property ImageCaptureForTestResultsThe criteria for when to capture still images for the run results.
Public Property MovieCaptureForTestResultsThe criteria for when to capture movies for the run results.
Public Property MovieSegmentSizeThe maximum movie file size to store for each error or warning.
Public Property RdpPasswordEncryptedThe encrypted password for connecting to the remote computer running UFT One.
Public Property RdpUserNameThe user name for connecting to the remote computer running UFT One.
Public Property ReportFormatIndicates whether UFT One should generate an HTML report or RRV report after the run session ends
Public Property RunModeIndicates whether to run in normal or fast mode.
Public Property SaveMovieOfEntireRunIndicates whether the movie clip includes the entire test.
Public Property ScreenRecorderReturns the ScreenRecorderOptions object, which enables you to define how Screen Recorder movies are captured.
Public Property StepExecutionDelayThe time to wait (in milliseconds) before executing each step.
Public Property ViewResultsIndicates whether results are displayed in the Run Results Viewer after the run session ends.
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