Services provided by UFT that can be used by the classes derived from CustomServerBase.


Visual Basic (Declaration)  
Public Interface IUtilityObject 
public interface IUtilityObject 


To access these services, use the UtilityObject property of the CustomServerBase class, which your custom server extends. This property returns an object of the class that implements the IUtilityObject interface. 

Public Properties

  Name Description
Property ApplicationObject Returns a reference to the custom control.  

Public Methods

  Name Description
Method AddHandler Adds an event handler.  
Method DragAndDrop Simulates Mouse Drag and Drop operation.  
Method GetSettingsValue Returns the Parameter value from the control's Settings element in the toolkit configuration file.  
Method GetSettingsXML Returns the control's Settings element from the toolkit configuration file.  
Method KeyDown Simulates a Key Down operation.  
Method KeyUp Simulates a Key Up operation.  
Method MouseClick Simulates Mouse Click operation.  
Method MouseDblClick Simulates Mouse Double-Click operation.  
Method MouseDown Simulates Mouse Down operation.  
Method MouseMove Simulates Mouse Move operation.  
Method MouseUp Simulates Mouse Up operation.  
Method PressKey Simulates pressing a key.  
Method PressNKeys Simulates pressing a key the specified number of times.  
Method Record Adds a step to the test.  
Method ReportStepResult Writes an event to the test report.  
Method SendString Sends a string to the control.  
Method ThrowRunError Overloaded.   

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