IUtilityObject Interface

The following tables list the members exposed by IUtilityObject.

Public Properties

PropertyApplicationObjectReturns a reference to the custom control.  

Public Methods

MethodDragAndDropSimulates Mouse Drag and Drop operation.  
MethodGetSettingsValueReturns the Parameter value from the control's Settings element in the toolkit configuration file.  
MethodGetSettingsXMLReturns the control's Settings element from the toolkit configuration file.  
MethodKeyDownSimulates a Key Down operation.  
MethodKeyUpSimulates a Key Up operation.  
MethodMouseClickSimulates Mouse Click operation.  
MethodMouseDblClickSimulates Mouse Double-Click operation.  
MethodMouseDownSimulates Mouse Down operation.  
MethodMouseMoveSimulates Mouse Move operation.  
MethodMouseUpSimulates Mouse Up operation.  
MethodPressKeySimulates pressing a key.  
MethodPressNKeysSimulates pressing a key the specified number of times.  
MethodRecordAdds a step to the test.  
MethodReportStepResultWrites an event to the test report.  
MethodSendStringSends a string to the control.  

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