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AddHandler(UIElement,String,Delegate)Adds an event handler for a non-routed event.  
AddHandler(UIElement,RoutedEvent,Delegate)Adds an event handler for a routed event.  


If other handlers exist for the event, the handler added with AddHandler is called first.

To add a handler for a routed event, use AddHandler(UIElement,RoutedEvent,Delegate). To add a handler for a non-routed event, use AddHandler(UIElement,String,Delegate). Check the event documentation in MSDN to determine whether it is routed or not.

Handlers added with this method are released by the UFT infrastructure.


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private EventHandler<SelectionChangedEventArgs> _hSelectedDatesChanged; 
private RoutedEventHandler _hGotFocus; 

    _hSelectedDatesChanged = new EventHandler<SelectionChangedEventArgs>(MyCalendar_SelectedDatesChanged); 
    AddEventHandler(UtilityObject.ApplicationObject as UIElement, "SelectedDatesChanged", _hSelectedDatesChanged); 
    _hGotFocus = new RoutedEventHandler(MyCalendar_GotFocus); 
     AddEventHandler(UtilityObject.ApplicationObject, Calendar.GotFocusEvent, _hGotFocus); 

void MyCalendar_GotFocus(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) 

void  MyCalendar_SelectedDatesChanged(object sender, System.Windows.Controls.SelectionChangedEventArgs e) 

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