Custom Server API References

Note: The links in this section link to the Mercury.QTP.WPF.CustomServer namespace section in the Custom Server API Reference. For the most part, the information there is relevant for Silverlight as well, and is identical to the information provided in the Mercury.QTP.Slv.CustomServer namespace section. An alternative link is provided for the Silverlight information when it is significantly different.

For each custom control that you want to support, you develop a custom server class, that derives from the CustomServerBase class. The resulting custom server DLL runs in the context of the application and interfaces between UFT and the custom control. At UFT's request, it can retrieve the values of identification properties from the control, perform operations on the control, determine what steps to record in response to user activity on the control and so on. You can compile more than one custom server into a single DLL.

You implement each of these abilities by implementing the relevant interface in the custom server class:

For task details, see How to Develop a Custom Server.

When you design your custom server, you can use utility methods and properties provided by the WPF or Silverlight Add-in Extensibility API. For details, see Utility Methods and Properties.