Link manual and Gherkin tests to automated tests

For some manual and Gherkin tests, running a test takes considerable effort. To help mitigate this effort, you can:

  • Automate the test with another testing tool.
  • Link the test to an already created automated test to synchronize their status and details.

Linking tests ensures you have a linkage from the test steps to the automation code. It also ensures that ValueEdge includes the results of both tests in quality analysis.

To link manual and Gherkin tests to automated tests: 

  1. In a test with an automation status of Not Automated, open the Details tab.

  2. In the Relations tab, click the Add Relation button and select Covering Automated Test.

    Tip: In an automated test, select Covered manual test, Gherkin test in the Relations tab to link between them.

  3. In the Select dialog, select the appropriate automated test from the list and click Add.

    In the relations grid, ValueEdge connects the tests in the map. ValueEdge also assigns the automated test to the backlog items and application modules of the parallel manual or Gherkin test.

    In addition, in a linked manual test ValueEdge updates the test's automation status as Automated.

  4. Run the tests as needed in the ValueEdge Manual Runner or the pipeline with the automated test.

    View run results of the automated test run and manual or Gherkin test run in the test's Runs tab.

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