Floating recording toolbar

The floating recording toolbar enables you to control the recording of Vuser scripts, and provides easy access to common script commands.

UI example
To access The floating recording toolbar appears when script recording begins.
Important information
  • The floating recording toolbar is dockable. For details, see VuGen user interface.
  • You can pin the toolbar with the button.
  • You can expand or collapse the toolbar with the and buttons.
Relevant tasks Create and open Vuser scripts

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element Description
Resumes recording the script after the recording was paused.
Stops recording the script.
Pauses the recording.
Cancels the recording.
Opens a dropdown, allowing you to select the section into which to record.
Creates a new action to record into.

Inserts a Start Transaction step into your script.

For details, see Transaction overview.

Inserts an End Transaction step into your script.

Inserts a Rendezvous point step into your script.

For details, see Rendezvous points.

Inserts a comment into your script.

Inserts a Text Check step into your script (not available for all protocols).

For details, see Text and image verification (Web Vuser scripts) overview.


  • How many events have been recorded into your script.
  • The time elapsed since recording began, excluding time the script was paused.

Pins or unpins the recording toolbar.


Displays or hides the toolbar buttons. Hiding the toolbar buttons may be useful if the toolbar covers controls in the application, preventing access to those controls.