Data Update Functions

Note: The functions for multiple connections have been deprecated.

These functions change the data in fields.

vtc_retrieve_messages1 and vtc_retrieve_row change data as a side effect of popping data from the first row. They change data by shifting data up by a row. vtc_rotate* functions move data from the top to the bottom of the table.

Functions with a vts_multi.* format can be used in C# scripts. Click the C Language link to see the combined C and C# reference.

C LanguageC# LanguageDescription
vtc_clear_column vts_multi.clear_column Clears all data in a column.
vtc_clear_message vts_multi.clear_messageClears the data in a field.
vtc_clear_row vts_multi.clear_rowClears the data in a row.
vtc_increment vts_multi.incrementIncrements a counter stored in a field.
vtc_retrieve_message vts_multi.retrieve_messagePops the first field from a column.
vtc_retrieve_messages1 vts_multi.retrieve_messages Pops the first fields from specified columns.
vtc_retrieve_row vts_multi.retrieve_rowPops the first fields from all columns.
vtc_rotate_message Retrieves the first field from the specified column and moves the value to the bottom.
vtc_rotate_messages1 Retrieves the first field from the specified column and moves the value to the bottom.
vtc_rotate_row Retrieves the first row and moves the values to the bottom
vtc_send_if_unique vts_multi.send_if_uniqueSets the last field of a column to a value if the value does not exist in the column.
vtc_send_message vts_multi.send_messageSets the last field of a column to a value.
vtc_send_row1 vts_multi.send_row1Sets the data in multiple columns.
vtc_update_message vts_multi.update_messageReplaces the data in a field.
vtc_update_message_ifequals vts_multi.update_message_ifequalsReplaces the data in a field if the current data equals a given value.
vtc_update_row1 vts_multi.update_rowReplaces the data in a row.