ALM Project Database Reference
Functional Groups Diagrams

The function groups schema diagrams show groups of tables that are functionally related. The diagrams show the main connections related to a functionality. The diagrams do not show all relations. For complete information, see the td Schema.

Some of the diagrams relate to the functional areas or utilities mentioned in the ALM Open Test Architecture API Reference. The parallel is usually not exact, because OTA (Open Test Architecture API)  is a functional abstraction, where the database schema is physical storage.

Function Schema DiagramRelated OTA Functional Area
Baselines -
BugDefect Tracking
Business Process ModelingBusiness Process Modeling
ComponentsBusiness Process Testing
Linked Template ItemsCross Project Customization
ReleasesRelease Management
ReqRequirements Specification
TestTest Planning
Test ConfigurationsTest Configurations
TestCycle and RunTest Execution
Users -