Install agents in silent mode on UNIX/Linux

You can configure and install a Deployment Automation agent in silent mode on UNIX/Linux.

Note: Silent mode is available for Linux, AIX, and Solaris SPARC systems. For other UNIX platforms, run a command-prompt installation. For details, see Install agents from command prompt.

Install an agent silently

Silent mode uses an options file to run an installation in the background.

UNIX: UNIX installers are 32-bit applications, and 64-bit systems may not support them by default. Before running the installer on a 64-bit Linux system, ensure that you have Motif installed (usually available by default).

To install an agent in silent mode on UNIX/Linux:

  1. Download and extract the agent installation files for your platform from the Software Licensing and Downloads portal (requires login).

  2. Create an options file and save it as optionsFile.txt. For details, see Agent silent installation options.

    Note: Make sure your options file is in ANSI format. The agent installer does not support UTF.

  3. From a command prompt, run this command:

    MicroFocusDA-agent.bin –silent –options optionsFile.txt

    where optionsFile.txt is your options file.

After you install agents, continue with the next steps in the Installation checklist.

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Agent silent installation options

The following table describes the agent silent installation options in an optionsFile.txt file for UNIX/Linux.

Option Description
-P installLocation
The target location for installing the agent.
The target location for installing the agent.
-V AgentName
Name of the agent. You can also specify properties that are resolved dynamically on the server. For details, see Dynamically register agents.
-V UseRelayYes
To use an agent relay, set this option to true. Otherwise, set it to false.
-V RelayHost
(Required if -V UseRelayYes="true") The host name of the agent relay.
-V RelayPort
(Required if -V UseRelayYes="true") The port number of the agent relay.
-V RelayProxyPort
(Required if -V UseRelayYes="true") The proxy port number of the agent relay.
-V ServerHost
(Required if -V RelayPortYes="false") The host name of the DA server.
-V ServerPort
(Required if -V UseRelayYes="false") The port number of the DA server.
-V ServerMutAuth
To use mutual authentication with the server, set this option to true. Otherwise, set it to false. For details, see Configure SSL mutual authentication.
-V JreNew

To install a new JRE together with the agent, set this option to true. Otherwise, set it to false.

Note: For an HP-UX or Solaris agent, you must set this option to false. Download and install the HP-UX or Solaris JRE separately before installing the agent.

-V JreInstallLoc
(Required if -V JreNew="false") Specify the location of a preexisting JRE for the agent.

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Options file examples

Use the following examples of the optionsFile.txt settings to configure agent silent installation on UNIX/Linux.

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