Work with changesets in Eclipse

In Dimensions CM for Eclipse, you can inspect the changesets in a stream or project.

View changesets

You can view all the changesets in a project or stream. Expand a changeset to view its contents, each row displaying information about one item.

To view changesets:

  1. Dimensions CM Explorer: Right-click a stream or project and select Changesets.

    Package Explorer: Right-click the root of a stream or project, or a subfolder, and select Team > Changesets.

    The Changesets view opens.

  2. (Optional) To filter the changeset list by a date range:

    • To display entries from a specified date, select the From checkbox and select the date.

    • To display entries up to a specified date, select the To checkbox and select the date.

  3. (Optional) To filter the view by an attribute, select an attribute type from the Filter list, and enter an attribute value.

    For example, select Request(s) as a filtering attribute, and in the Filter field enter a request type, such as ENH.

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Inspect changeset health

The changeset health is indicated by an icon. For details, see About changesets.

For details on how to configure and use changesets, see PulseUno.

Note: You can use PulseUno functionality only if it is enabled in your Dimensions CM database.

To inspect changesets:

  1. Dimensions CM Explorer: Right-click a stream or project, and select Changesets. The Changeset views is displayed.

    Package Explorer: Right-click a Java project or a subfolder, and select Team > Changesets.

    The icon in front of a changeset indicates the changeset state.

  2. To open the review associated with a changeset, click the health icon.

  3. To view the details of a changeset, right-click the changeset, and select Open Details.

  4. To view related change requests, expand a changeset, right-click a changeset item, and select Open Request.

    Dimensions CM requests open in a new view. External requests open in their request provider instance.

  5. To hide the changeset health icon, from the Configure menu in the Changesets view, select Configure columns, and clear Show review status.

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