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Plugin version: 1.0

This topic describes how to use the Git Client plugin for MATLAB.

Clone streams

You can clone a Dimensions CM stream in MATLAB.

To clone a stream:

  1. On the Home ribbon, select New > Project > From Git.
  2. In the New Project from Source Control dialog box, provide the following details:

    Field Description
    Source control tool Verify that Git is selected.
    Repository path Enter the URL of the Dimensions CM stream you want to clone. For details about the URL format and authentication methods, see Git Client command-line format.
    Sandbox Enter the location on your machine where to clone the stream.
  3. Click Retrieve.

  4. If prompted, enter a user ID and password for the Dimensions CM repository.

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Relate requests and push changes

In MATLAB, you can relate requests to commits and push changes to a Dimensions CM stream.

To relate requests and push changes:

  1. Go to the Apps ribbon and select Dimensions CM Requests Panel.
  2. In the Dimensions CM Requests Panel, select one or more requests, right-click, and select Copy Request ID(s).

    CTRL+click or SHIFT+click to select multiple requests.

  3. Right-click the file or folder to commit to your local Git repository, and select Source Control > View and Commit Changes...

  4. In the commit dialog box, in the Comment section, enter a commit message and paste copied request IDs.

    The request IDs are added to the commit message in this format:


  5. Click Commit.

  6. Right-click the file or folder you committed, and select Source Control > Push.

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View and open reviews

You can display reviews and pull requests for the current Dimensions CM stream, and open them in PulseUno.

When reviews and pull requests are created, they are displayed in the Dimensions CM Reviews Panel automatically.

To open a review or pull request:

  1. Go to the Apps ribbon and select Dimensions CM Reviews Panel.
  2. (Optional) In the Dimensions CM Reviews Panel, filter the contents by review type. By default, all active reviews are displayed.

  3. Double-click a review or pull request to open it. The review opens in PulseUno in an internal browser.

For details about reviews and other PulseUno functionality, see PulseUno.

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