Work with navigation windows

Use the desktop client's navigation windows to open the content windows and work with Dimensions CM objects.

About navigation windows

The navigation windows contain icons and tree structures that you can navigate to select the Dimensions CM objects you want to work with. By default, the navigation windows are located on the left of the main window.

Note: Depending on the UI profile, the content of these windows can change, and the My Current Project/Stream navigation window may not be displayed.

The following table describes navigation windows.

Window Description
My Current Project/Stream

Contains a tree structure displaying your current project or stream’s folder structure, any associated areas, and the catalog of related objects. Selecting objects in the Inbox and Catalog in this window displays only the objects related to the current project/stream.

For details about opening projects and streams, see Open streams and set defaults and Open projects and set defaults.

Product Catalog

Contains icons for the object classes in Dimensions CM, enabling you to display all of those objects in the catalog for the current product regardless of the project/stream they are related to. There is a node for each object class.

Clicking an icon displays a selection dialog box enabling you to specify filter criteria to determine which of the objects in the catalog you want to display in the content window.

User Inbox

Contains an icon for each of the object classes which can be pending an action from you regardless of the project/stream to which they are related:

    • Baselines.

    • Requests.

    • Projects.

Expanding a node and clicking an icon displays a content window listing all the objects of that class that are in your inbox.

Reports and Lists

Provides access to:

  • Favorite Reports

  • My Reports

  • Public Report

  • My Filters

  • Favorite Requests and custom request lists

For details, see Use reports and lists.

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Use navigation windows

You can choose to always have the navigation windows visible, to hide them, or to float them in the main window with any content windows you have open. By default they are displayed to the left of the content windows.

The following table describes how to use the navigation windows.

Task Description
Display or hide a navigation window.

Select View > [Navigation window].

Change the position of a navigation window.

Click the Window Position button on its menu bar and select one of these options:

  • Floating

  • Docking

  • tabbed Document

  • Auto Hide

  • Hide

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