Cancel Check Out Item/Cancel Multiple Items dialog box

Use this dialog box to undo the check out of one or more items.

Field Description Rules and guidelines

Item Specification

The specification of the selected item.

Single item selected only.


The specification of the selected items.

Multiple items selected only.

Click an item to clear it.

Workfile containing the item

The path and file name to be used for the item file if Automatic get is selected.

Single item selected only.

The default is the location of the checked out file.

If you want to specify a different workfile, enter the file name and path, or use the browse button to select it.

Automatic get

Select this option to automatically get a new copy of the file(s) after the check out has been undone.


Expand Substitution Variables

Select to enable item header substitution for the items when automatically getting the copy.

Only enabled if Automatic get is selected.

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