Configure Service Manager for Integration with PPM

Before starting these configuration procedures, make sure that the Service Manager server, Service Manager client, and Service Manager Webtier are installed and running.

Note: PPM can be integrated with multiple instances of Service Manager, if those instances are at the same version. (See the System Requirements and Compatibility Matrix for details) However, the procedures in this section must be performed identically on the multiple Service Manager instances.

Note: If you already integrated Service Manager with PPM, and you upgrade the integration solution to PPM 9.12 or later, copy and rename two web service objects in Service Manager as follows to make sure that the integration will continue to work:

  • Change -> ChangePPMIntALM

  • ChangeTask -> ChangeTaskPPMIntALM

Fields related to the integration are exposed in the ChangePPMIntALM web service when using PPM Center version 9.12 and later.

Integration of Service Manager with PPM requires specific configuration of Service Manager, as described in the following sections.

  1. Configuring the Change Management Module

  2. Associating New Display Actions to the New Processes Loaded

  3. Reconfiguring the ChangeManagement Module

  4. Configuring Browsing of Service Manager Changes from a URL

  5. Modifying the cm3r.pre.add Trigger

  6. Performing the Mass Update Procedure for the Existing Records

  7. Updating Service Manager Application Server with Idle Session Timeout and Modifying the falcon User Profile

Before starting this procedure, make sure you review the warning in the section Introduction to Integrating PPM Requests with Service Manager Changes.