What's New in PPM 10.0

The following new features and enhancements are introduced in PPM 10.0.

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Learn about some of the new and enhanced features included in PPM 10.0:

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Portfolio financials

The Financials tab is now available in a portfolio. You can use this tab to track and manage a portfolio's costs and benefits.

For details, see Portfolio financials.

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Self-service portlet enhancements

The following enhancements were added to self-service portlets.

Favorite views

You can now create favorite views for a self-service portlet. This enables you to use a single portlet to analyze the same data from various perspectives, and present them in different forms.

For details, see Manage favorite views for a self-service portlet.

Drill-to view

You can now define a drill-to view for a self-service portlet favorite view. This enables you to drill down into more details.

For details, see Define a drill-to view for a favorite view.

New display types

Two new display types: Sankey Diagram and Gauge Diagram were added for self-service portlets, giving you more flexibility in data reporting.

For details, see Set up display options for a self-service portlet.

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Administration enhancements

The following enhancements were added to the Administration module.

More comprehensive license usage in Administration Console

The Administration Console now provides more comprehensive license usage information, including the consumption status of PPM module-based licenses, and the purchased license distributions among PPM modules.

For details, see View license usage from Administration Console.

API key authentication

You can now use API keys to provide a secure authentication mechanism for external applications accessing PPM.

For details, see Set up API key access.

Deploy custom WAR files

You can now deploy your custom WAR files on the PPM server.

For details, see Deploy WAR files on PPM server.

Use REST API to get user information

You can now use REST API to get various information on the currently logged in user, such as regional settings and security groups.

For details, see Interactive REST API Help.

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Concurrent license enhancements

The following enhancements were added to the concurrent license.

Force end inactive concurrent sessions

When running out of concurrent licenses, you can forcibly close inactive sessions to release concurrent licenses.

For details, see Force end a concurrent session.

Notifications of concurrent license usage

PPM can now send notifications of concurrent license usage. You can configure when and to whom PPM sends the notifications.

For details, see Configure concurrent license usage notifications.

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Demand Management enhancements

The following enhancements were added to the Demand Management module.

New rule to trigger request type commands

A request type command can now be triggered when you run a command in its related request.

For details, see Enable event rules for request type commands .

Hide a section when all its fields are hidden


You can now hide a section when all its fields are made invisible by UI rules.

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New special command

PPM introduced a new special command: ksc_run_command_in_other_requests.

If a change of a request impacts its related requests, you can run this command in the request to trigger the running of any command of the related requests. This helps you apply the change to all related requests by running a single command.

For details, see ksc_run_command_in_other_requests.

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PostgreSQL database support (Beta)

You can now run PPM with a PostgreSQL database.

Note: This is a Beta feature.

For details, see the "Install PPM with PostgreSQL" section in Installation and upgrade.

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Integration updates

You can now import tasks that are managed in Notion or Smartsheet to PPM work plan.

Note: These are Beta features.

For details, see Import tasks from Notion to PPM work plan (Beta) and Import tasks from Smartsheet to PPM work plan (Beta).

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Project Management enhancements

The following enhancements were added to the Project Management module.

Ensure task Scheduled Finish date no later than project end date

You can now make sure that a task's Scheduled Finish date is no later than the project end date by turning on the Prevent Task Scheduled Finish Dates Extending Beyond Project End Date feature toggle.

For details, see Add tasks.

Work plan improvements

The following enhancements were added to the work plan, providing you with a better user experience:

  • When editing task name in the work plan Quick view, the editing box is now enlarged to occupy the full column width.
  • When viewing work plan baseline details, the Open Work Plan in Microsoft Project button is now disabled.
  • Editing Scheduled Effort in the work plan Quick view is now the same as in the other views.

For details, see Edit task details.

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kMigrator improvements

You can now use the kMigratorExtract.sh and kMigratorImport.sh scripts to migrate self-service portlet data sources.

For details, see kMigratorExtract.sh and kMigratorImport.sh.

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The legacy PPM mobile web client is deprecated starting from this release. If you use the legacy PPM mobile web client before 10.0, after the upgrade, you need to use PPM for Mobile.

For details, see PPM for Mobile.

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