Automatic Configuration Mode Page (Stingray Support Configuration Wizard)

This wizard page enables you to instruct to identify the version of Stingray business components used by your application so that the wizard can set up Stingray support accordingly.

This wizard page opens if you selected the Automatic configuration option in the Select Configuration Mode Page.

Important information

General information about this wizard is available here: Stingray Support Configuration Wizard.

Wizard map

Welcome Page > Support Mode Selection Page > Add Support Code Page > (Select Configuration Mode Page) > (Manual Configuration Mode Page) > (Automatic Configuration Mode Page) > (Detected Stingray Components Page) > (Finish Page) > (Detection Failure Page)

Note: Pages that are in parentheses open according to the option selected in the previous page. Therefore, not all pages are displayed for every option.

See also

Set up Stingray object support

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements



Enables you to specify the application executable. Click the Find button and point to a window or dialog box in your application that contains a Stingray control. UFT One automatically detects and displays the executable in the Name of application executable box.

  • If UFT One detects more than one MFC version, you must select the relevant version in the dialog box that opens. For details, see Multiple MFC Versions, below.
  • You can right-click at any time to cancel the Find command.