Finish Page (Stingray Support Configuration Wizard)

This wizard page indicates that UFT One configures Stingray support according to the detected Stingray version.

This wizard page opens if the wizard successfully identified the Stingray business components in the Detected Stingray Components Page.

Wizard map

Welcome Page > Support Mode Selection Page > Add Support Code Page > (Select Configuration Mode Page) > (Manual Configuration Mode Page) > (Automatic Configuration Mode Page) > (Detected Stingray Components Page) > (Finish Page) > (Detection Failure Page)

See also

Set up Stingray object support

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


<detected Stingray version>

Read-only display of the Stingray version detected using the Stingray Support Configuration Wizard.

Apply to all users on this computer

Applies the identical settings you configured in this wizard for all users on this computer.

You must have administrator permissions on the computer to configure support for all users. If you do not have administrator permissions, this option is not available.