Support Mode Selection Page (Stingray Support Configuration Wizard)

This wizard page enables you to select a Stingray support mode.

Wizard map

Welcome Page > Support Mode Selection Page > Add Support Code Page > (Select Configuration Mode Page) > (Manual Configuration Mode Page) > (Automatic Configuration Mode Page) > (Detected Stingray Components Page) > (Finish Page) > (Detection Failure Page)

See also

Set up Stingray object support

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


Run-time Agent

A simple, non-intrusive mode that adds a support DLL to the Stingray application process during run-time.

This is the recommended mode.

Precompiled Agent

A mode that requires you to make slight modifications to your Stingray application project so that UFT One can support your Stingray application.

If you select this option and click Next, the Finish page opens.