ALM Project Database Reference
Creation Date8/10/2017 11:25 AM
Is Schema Bound
Ansi Nulls
 Column NameDescriptionDatatypeLengthAllow NullsDefaultFormula
Objects that td.V_TESTSET_REQ_COVER depends on
 Database ObjectObject TypeDescriptionDep Level
td.AUDIT_LOG tabletd.AUDIT_LOGTableEvents on which history is recorded.2
td.AUDIT_PROPERTIES tabletd.AUDIT_PROPERTIESTableDetails of the changes recorded in the AUDIT_LOG table.2
td.BASELINES tabletd.BASELINESTableBaseline records.2
td.CONFIGURATION_COVERAGE tabletd.CONFIGURATION_COVERAGETableAn associative table linking requirement coverage by a Test to the Test Configurations that cover the requirement.1
td.CYCLE tabletd.CYCLETableTest sets.1
td.ENVIRONMENTS tabletd.ENVIRONMENTSTableTesting environments.2
td.RELEASE_CYCLES tabletd.RELEASE_CYCLESTableDetails of cycles. A release can contain a number of cycles.2
td.TEST_CONFIGS tabletd.TEST_CONFIGSTableThe data to be used in the run of a Test.1
td.TESTCYCL tabletd.TESTCYCLTableInstances of design tests in test sets.1
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